Your Support Means

Everything To Those

Fighting Cancer.

54% of all Americans have had someone in their immediate family diagnosed with cancer.

The Emory Winship Cancer Institute, Georgia’s only National Cancer Institute designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, has contributed to the survival of many Dunwoody Country Club members, families and friends.

The John H. Kauffman Cancer Research Fundraiser has contributed over $4 million (including matching funds) to Winship since 2010.  Additionally, external funding of almost $8 million has been secured by leveraging our contributions.  You might be surprised to learn that Winship’s focus on prostate cancer has resulted in advancing treatments in over 35 other types of cancer, ranging from the most common to some of the most aggressive.

Please join us in this fight.  Your participation helps develop the treatments and cures that could one day challenge your family and friends.  And we cannot think of a better investment of your time and money.


Where The Money Goes

In an effort to accelerate and expand Winship’s cancer research, Winship asked The Champions and Friends of Dunwoody Country Club to establish an endowed professorship in cancer research.  Endowed positions help Winship compete for eminent physician-researchers who strive to discover new treatments, mentor and teach future physicians and provide comprehensive, compassionate care for patients.  This year the Kauffman Fundraiser fulfilled its first $1 million Endowed Professorship two years ahead of schedule.  We have since committed to a second $1 million Endowment which will be funded from a portion of the proceeds raised at the annual Kauffman Fundraiser over the next few years.