Over $4,000,000

Contributed To Cancer

Research In 13 Years.

Since 2010 these funds, which include a match provided by Winship, have been the funding source for several critical research efforts including pilot research projects in prostate cancer, operation of Winship's tissue bank, as well as staff and laboratory equipment needs for the prostate cancer program. Additionally, external funding totaling almost $8 million has been secured by leveraging contributions from the Kauffman Prostate Cancer Research Fundraiser.

Advancing treatments in over 35 other types of Cancer.

To everyone’s delight, Winship’s success in prostate cancer research has shed light on the dark mysteries of this devastating disease that has affected millions. Treatments for practically every type of cancer have been either advanced or complimented by Winship’s research.  Which is the prime reason why the John Kauffman Cancer Research Fundraiser has now expanded its original mission beyond prostate cancer.

The Kauffman Band Of Brothers & Sisters

The Kauffman Band of Brothers and Sisters was formed in 2014 by The Champions Golf Association to recognize a special group of individuals who contribute to giving to the Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University in the name of the late John H. Kauffman.

John was a longtime member of Dunwoody Country Club and an avid golfer. He was President of Kauffman Tire, Inc., formed in 1936 by his mother and father in Wooster, Ohio. John moved the company headquarters to Atlanta in 1975. Under his leadership, Kauffman Tire grew to 53 retail stores in seven states, 14 distribution centers, four retail/commercial centers, a retreading facility and also became a national e-commerce retailer.

As an active member of the Champions, John influenced a decision in 2009 that all proceeds from fundraising events benefiting prostate cancer research solely benefit the Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University.


John H. Kauffman

November 1, 1938 – November 3, 2013